powered by blueskiesroom.com Her father, Paul was trained in the art of the old masters in Italy. In 1965 Paul opened his own shop, Paul’s Tailors. Over the years, his business name has changed and morphed from Minichiello’s Menswear to Paul’s of North Shore. Julie was taught the business of tailoring at the knee of one of Vancouver’s finest master tailors. As a young girl she remembers “the whirr of sewing machines and my father’s passion for custom design”. In 1991 Julie joined this North Shore tailoring institution full time. “Measuring” she says, “is one of the most important elements in custom and bespoke suits and shirts. A garment must fit perfectly. With design we have to take into account all sizes and postures. The aim is that no matter what the shape or body size, the garment must be flattering and comfortable.” Aware of her passion, another old master tailor chose Julie to pass his trade secrets onto. In 2008 Julie spent time with him, learning his personalized techniques. Like all great arts - we are all richer when the secrets of the old masters are passed from one generation to the next. The ways of two great masters have been passed on to her. Our tailoring and fine couture team is comprised of the finest European-trained tailors. These specialist clothing-makers, also provide professional alteration services for wedding gowns, jeans and everything in between. Our team is led by Julie Galati Minichiello, Paul’s daughter. our team Copywrite Minichiello Bespoke Tailors and Couturiers 2013 - all rights reserved.